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Engineered for winning, at all levels of Motorsport

ETS Racing Fuels are designed for all !!! From hobbyist to enthusiast, amateur to pro, there's an ETS Racing fuel for you.
Engineered at the molecular level for maximum power, ULTRABLAZE our hyper-performancePOWERBLAZE our professional performance, competition-grade lines used by winning professional teams in the pinnacle of motorposrt classes. 
EXTRABLAZE provides many of the same outstanding performance characteristics of our premium lines, but at a lower costs - making ETS Racing fuels power accessible to more riders whether they are hobbyists, enthousiasts or just performance-curious.
And for the next generation of performance, our RENEWABLAZE line is one of the most advanced sustainable drop-in fuels on the market - delivering race fuels matching performance with a lower greenhouse gas reduction impact .

High Performance :
Quality and value for enthousiasts and hobbyists.

Professional Performance :
Advanced engineering for amateurs and pros.

Extreme Performance :
Competition grade for the most serious of competitors.

Sustainable Performance : 
Environmentally friendly for the next generation of competition.

RENEWABLAZEa range of renewable fuels that combine high performance specifications, gasolines and diesel corresponding to biomass feedstocks up to 100% 2G. Using our racing heritage and technical expertise, we develop various formulations with oxygen content and octane levels to meet customer requirements.


Born from competition

ETS Racing Fuels was forged from the heat of competition at the 24 hours of LeMans over 30 years ago. Our goal then, as it is now, was simple. Engineer the highest performance, most consistent, most winning fuels in motorsport. In short, develop the formula for winning.

Raised on victories

The proof is in the performance.
ETS Racing Fuels are engineered from the ground up using at the molecular level to deliver unmatched performance. Many ETS fuels will produce power gains just by pouring them in. Tuning will help unleash their maximum potential. The brand success and fuel performances are demonstrated by the numerous regional, national and world titles of customers powered by ETS.

Unmatched consistency

To guarantee exceptional consistency the majority of our fuels are blended on a basis of 98% pure molecules.
With highly specific molecules and tight tolerance formulations the end product supplied enables the race industry to meet the highest level of performance. All productions sites are ISO 9001 & 14001 certified and are blending fuels through mass control ensuring the best solution for highest blending precision. Our tightly controlled processes bring pure chemical components together at a molecular level and allowing us to engineer our fuels to perform to the maximum, time and time again, without the impurities present in gasoline-based fuels. This means one thing – consistent performance where it matters most.

And advance engine cleanliness

The use of specific additives and selected chemical molecules allows us to work more specifically on engine performances. With a thinner fuel spraying, our racing fuels ensure a much better combustion and makes the carburation / injection adjustment much easier. Our unique lubricating and detergency additive technologies ensure engine consistency to their highest performance, but also increase parts lifetime resulting in lower maintenance.

Ready to transform your fuel tank ?

Winning Formula

ETS Racing Fuels delivers fuels and MORE ….

Worldwide distribution

Supported by a strong, growing and aligned distribution network, the ETS Racing Fuels brand is widely available wherever you are. Trough Europe, Americas, Asia & Middle East, Indian Ocean, or Australian you can enjoy the quality & performance of your trusted racing fuels partner.

Global logistics

Through 3 production sites over 2 continents and extensive storage solutions over the world, ETS Racing Fuels is a global provider servicing championships by fueling racing vehicles and championship’s logistic operations in terms, but also supporting individuals racing teams by provider on time fuel logistic to ease their involvements in their wolrdwide championships.

Championship all inclusive

For championships organizer we offer all in one solutions supported by quality products & service. We handle fuel production, customer’s orders, worldwide fuel logistics, local customs, local fuel excise declaration, in country VAT declaration, on-site fuel distribution, in vehicle tanks refuelling, empty pack collections & recycling.

Trackside analysis

To support championships and ensure equity between all competitors, our trained laboratory staff supports trackside analysis. We offer different type of analysis, either through FTIR fingerprints (Fourier Transform Infra-Red Spectroscopy), GC analysis (Gas Chromatography), or electrical conductivity.

Our two in house European laboratories can also support further investigations when trackside sample are sent to. Championships can rely on our lab experts, with more than 25 years experience running trackside analysis.


Environmentally friendly fuels for a new generation of performance.

Our Renewablaze line is one of the most advanced renewable drop-in fuels on the market. However at ETS Racing Fuels we know true sustainability is more than just a product — it’s the entire ecosystem. That’s why we provide global, point-to-point delivery of our Renewablaze 2G Diesel to power the infrastructure powering your events — wherever they may be.
So whether it’s the Circuit de la Sarthe or the Sydney Opera house, your entire grid can be powered sustainably. We can even provide temporary fueling stations for your transporters along the route. So you can feel confident that your commitment to sustainability is as strong as your event.

Performance by conviction

"We're the most used fuel you've never heard of,
because champions don't reveal their secrets."

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